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The seminar & training series to master the skills, attitudes, behaviours and strategies
for effectively leading and managing remotely-based people and operations.
RemotelyAnywhere is a training and service division of Binary Resource  Ltd.

    Around 68% of managers need specific training to effectively manage remote staff.  (Source:  Regus report 2015)

While the concept of remote working (known by a multitude of different names) has been around for many years now, the adoption is growing
almost exponentially across industries, professions and verticals. And it seems it is not going to go away in a hurry, with global indications showing
that an expected 50% of people will be working remotely by 2020. (Global Leadership Summit 2014)

The reasons for making the move to a remote environment (or mix of remote and co-located) vary but, whatever the reason, one reality is constant:
Many organisations make the move without sufficient planning and preparation for the transition.  Nor do they always understand the challenges
ahead or the demands of remote versus traditional team development and maintenance. Likewise the need for re-training, additional (and different)
skills, procedures, tools and support that is essential to the success of a remote work environment is often overlooked.

This 2-day RemotelyAnywhere "Long Distance Manager" programme develops the skills and strategies to effectively manage and develop virtual /
dispersed / distributed / remote team members – be they employees, contractors or partners, located across New Zealand or the globe.

The event takes people-managers along a path to understand and effectively respond to the differences between managing people located under
the same “bricks and mortar” roof versus team members working from other locations.  

Over the two days we identify the potential challenges ahead of you, assist you to evaluate your ability and willingness to make the shift to such a
structure, (if you haven’t already), and to recognise and develop the attitudes, behaviours and skills essential to be effective in this re-formed work

Who should attend
The workshop has been designed for Team leaders and People Managers responsible for managing and developing people who are located in a
location other than that of the Manager - be they employees, contractors or business partners. The material covered in the programme is applicable
to personnel from commercial, government and third-sector environments.

Workshop hours
9.00am - 5.00pm - both days.
Please note: In Dunedin the start time is 9.15 - finish time 5.15

The Presenter
This Workshop is delivered by one of the Binary principals – Annette Dow. Read about Annette.

*** Seats are limited to ensure personal attention to your queries and goals.

For a full list of topics please go to the Workshop Programme

About the Workshop

The Long Distance

A 2-day  Workshop for
People Managers
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