February - May 2016 RemotelyAnywhere Seminar and Workshop series
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February - May  2016
    Building & Maintaining your Remotely-based Work Environment and Teams

    A one-day seminar for senior executives looking to establish and manage a remote  structure                          
    or seeking  to  enhance their effectiveness as a manager of personnel based outside of the "office".

    23 February, Hamilton  I  29 February, Auckland  I 10 March, Dunedin  I  14 March,  Christchurch  I  
    21 March, Wellington  I  18th April, Christchurch  I  25th April, Wellington  I  2nd  May, Auckland.
    Also available for in-house delivery for your entire team.

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                                 The Long Distance Manager
    - Developing the Skills, behaviours and attitudes to effectively manage
     remote/virtual/dispersed/distributed workers, contractors and partners.

    A two-day workshop for senior personnel who must manage team members and relationships with people
    who are located remotely.

    25/26 February, Hamilton  I 2/3 March, Auckland  I  7/8  March, Dunedin  I  16/17 March, Christchurch  I  23/24
    March , Wellington  I  20/21 April, Christchurch  I  27/28 April, Wellington  I  4/5 May, Auckland.
    Also available for in-house delivery for your entire team.

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     The Remote Worker **
     A one-day learning programme for people who work remotely.
    The success of a remote team is not just the responsibility of the Manager and organisation. The Workers   
    themselves have  responsibilities, skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to employ to be personally
    successful and the ensure they are contributing to the success of the organisation with whom they work.  
    This one day programme will assist remote workers to understand and develop "the necessary" to ensure
    success for both themselves and their organisation.

    ** In-house delivery only for a maximum 10 people
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Our approach to learning  ensures that in addition to the thorough and practical input provided by our Presenter, there is ample opportunity for discussion, exchange of
ideas and experiences, practice and real case scenarios to apply the learning to in a safe and comfortable (yet challenging) environment.

Our Trainers are great  and "know their stuff" - not just from a theoretical perspective - they are / have-been business leaders and know from experience what does and
does not work.

And it doesn't stop at the end of the event day. We provide ongoing support and coaching for up to two months after your event via Skype, e-Mails and phone calls.
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If you would like more information about any of these programmes, please e-Mail us: info@binaryresource.com

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