About Us:

Binary began life in the USA as a subsidiary of the New Zealand company (Binary Research) which developed the software programme Ghost (- now
Symantec Ghost). We established an internal sales team to respond to the huge demand for the product and then created the worldwide technical
support and marketing divisions within the US office. In 1998, we sold Ghost to Symantec Corporation.

Binary in the US was then spun off into an independent company owned by the two people who has set up the original US operation.
Whilst we trained the Symantec team in Ghost over a lengthy period and continued to sell and support Ghost until 2003 (and wrote Ghost training
programmes for them), our business focus expanded to uncover and establish worldwide markets for a range of unique Windows utilities/tools from
small developers around the globe. These included:

  • RemotelyAnywhere (now part of the LogmeIn family of products)
  • WebMarshal and MailMarshal
  • The Universal Imaging Utility (UIU)
  • FastTrack Automation Studio

In 2000 we established a training division. Over the ensuing years, we have trained literally thousands of people across the three countries in
technical and soft skills.

2003 saw us establish a UK subsidiary of Binary. This is known as Binary Resource. In 2011 we moved all operations to the UK and our focus on
training design and delivery expanded. Today the company concentrates on training and service delivery to organisations seeking to grow and
enhance  their business effectiveness and to develop their greatest asset - their people.

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