New Zealand
Air New Zealand
Auckland Area Health Board
Auckland City Council
Auckland College of Education - now part
of Auckland University
Binary Research (NZ) Ltd. - Ghost software
Cin7 Software
Crown Institute of Business
Justice - Head Office
Crown Research Institute
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Health and Disability Commissioner
Housing Corporation
Inland Revenue
Massey University
Mail Marshal/Web Marshal software
Ministry of Ag
NZ Council for Educational Research
NZ Forestry Corporation
Presbyterian Support
Stroke Foundation
Thames City Council
3am labs - developer of LogMeIn
Big Bang - developer of  the Universal
Imaging Utility software
FastTrack Software - developer of
FastTrack Automation Studio
Dell Corporation
Canon Business Solutions
Dept of Transportation
Federal Reserve Board
FlightSafety International
Harley Davidson
Girl Scouts
Harvard Law School
Lockheed Martin
L'Oreal USA
Kaiser Permanente
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin
Ricoh Americas
Standford University
Symantec Corporation
University of California - 4 locations
Virgin Media
Weight Watchers
Williams Sonoma
VA Health Administration Center
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