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The seminar & training series to master the skills, attitudes, behaviours and strategies
to work remotely and to lead and manage remotely-based people and operations.
RemotelyAnywhere is a training and service division of Binary Resource Ltd

This programme is available for In-House (on-site) delivery only, to a maximum of 8 people. Programme topics can be customised and
can be designed to include induction and on-boarding (additional hours).

One and one half day "boot-camp" - 14 hours  (actual delivery hours negotiable) plus 2 hours individual remote follow-up over the s
ubsequent four weeks

Target Audience:
This programme is designed for people who are transitioning from being co-located to remote, moving into a new
position which is remotely based or who are already working remote to their Manager or team and wish to develop more understanding and
effectiveness in operating in such an environment.

We work with you to identify:
  • Dates that work for you
  • The location of your choice, anywhere in the country (you provide the venue)
  • Any specific topic changes, deletions or additions you want for your team (Customised programme)
  • The best possible pricing structure

The Programme

What is a remote worker?
  • What is a remote worker? (And clarification of the multitude of terms used for this environment.)
  • What are the possible structures/models under which you might operate?
  • Myths and realities
  • Challenges of moving from co-located to remote

Eight critical traits of successful remote workers (regardless of functional skills)

Is your personality suited to remote working?

Six characteristics of successful remote teams

Your remote work environment
  • Choosing a location - Home or a business center or...
  • Essential considerations for the environment
  • Health and Safety responsibilities - as provided by the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment
  • Equipping your environment - what do you need and who pays?
  • Potential issues and benefits of working remotely

Interviewing remotely
  • Preparing for a remote interview - tools, the environment, you
  • Strategies for effective remote interviewing
  • Challenges of the remote interview situation - for both you and the organisation
  • What might the interviewers be looking for in addition to your functional skills?
  • Questions to ask to understand how the organisation works with remote workers

Becoming part of the organisation
  • Induction
  • Onboarding
  • Meeting others and establishing relationships
  • Understanding your role,relationships and accountabilities
  • Networking
  • Learning the culture, the mores and values
  • Getting to grips with roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Understanding the processes, procedures, behaviours and attitudes

Getting to grips with organisational requirements
  • Monitoring
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Reporting
  • Availability

Maintaining yourself within the organisation
  • Co-operation, collaboration and alliances
  • Communication - a two-way and continuous process
  • Participating in the team and the organisation
  • The importance of social relationships and contacts
  • Office politics
  • Training, development, coaching and opportunities
  • Performance assessment and success indicators
  • Showing results and your value
  • Using the tools provided
  • Attitudes and behaviours
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Dealing with ineffective, non-existent or micro management

Managing yourself
  • Keeping yourself healthy - physically and mentally
  • Avoiding isolation
  • Staying involved
  • Maintaining and contributing to the organisational culture
  • Working with differences - be they cultural, attitudinal, time-zone or work habits
  • Time-keeping and managing your time
  • Keeping focused
  • Keeping communication effective - and flowing

Warning signs that it is not working
  • For you
  • For your Manager
  • For team members
  • For the organisation
  • What to do?
Programme Content
The Remote Worker

A RemotelyAnywhere Workshop for people who work in remote / virtual / dispersed environments
The Remote Worker Programme Content