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The seminar & training series to master the skills, attitudes, behaviours and strategies
for effectively leading and managing remotely-based people and operations.
RemotelyAnywhere is a training and service division of Binary Resource Ltd

The Programme

Workshop hours: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm (both days)  
Please note: In Dunedin the start time is 9.15 - finish time 5.15

Understanding virtual/remote teams
  • Terminology, Models and types of teams
  • Overview of Traditional versus remote team operations
  • Benefits and potential disadvantages of operating in a remote environment
  • Myths and realities
  • Why remote environments fail
  • How they succeed
  • Why are you doing this?

Setting up a virtual/remote structure and environment
  • Describing the environment you want to achieve
  • Designing the Infrastructure
  • Selecting the Tools you need
  • Defining roles and their inter-relationship
  • Establishing policies, practices, procedures
  • Defining what is needed in a remote Worker
  • Determining what is needed in a remote Manager

YOU as the Manager
  • What is going to be different for you managing a remote environment versus a co-located team?
  • Transition behaviours you may see in yourself
  • Leadership essentials
  • Leadership styles - what is yours, what does the environment require and how will you adapt?
  • Skills, knowledge and behaviours (Competencies) essential to operating remotely
  • Challenges of managing a mixed model environment (some remote/some co-located)
  • Expectations of you - yours, your organisations' and your teams (both those you oversee and those of which you are a part)
  • Where is your support?

The Remote Worker
    Transitioning from a co-located to a remote environment              
  • Potential challenges and issues                                                              
  • Change management                                                                                      
  • Establishing roles, expectations, behaviours and attitudes                      
  • Re-Training and supporting
  • Preparing and implementing

    All team members
  • Roles and relationships within the team and overall organisation
  • How are things going to work?
  • Establishing and implementing Communication procedures and expectations
  • Strategies and processes of Accountability
  • How is success defined for the team?
  • Setting tasks, processes, Performance standards and assessment processes
  • What can and do the team expect and need from you – their Manager?

Building the Team
  • Creating an environment of Trust within the team
  • How are they going to work together?
  • What is everyone doing and how will they contribute to the overall purpose and goals of the organisation
  • Instilling and getting commitment to the organisational Culture
  • Establishing and facilitating the growth of relationships across the team
  • Strategies for integrating new people
  • It’s all about Communication
  • Working across time zones and across cultures

Maintaining the team
  • Responding to Conflict within the team
  • Managing poor performance
  • Creating a reward and recognition strategy
  • Avoiding isolation
  • Managing “office” politics and unproductive behaviour
  • Ongoing monitoring, coaching, feedback and assessment
  • Maintaining the organisational culture
  • It’s all about communication…
  • Achieving the results

Developing the Team
  • Creating opportunities for growth and promotion
  • Making the most of the talent you have within the team
  • Encouraging and recognising contributions and achievements
  • Implementing opportunities for Team activities
  • Training your remote workers

Warning signs that there may be issues – and what to do about it.
  • The most common mistakes made within organisations operating remotely
  • Patterns, behaviours and attitudes to watch for with your remote people
  • Behaviours, attitudes and results to watch for in yourself
  • Warning signs within the organisation itself

Bringing it all together
  • Review of Case Studies
  • Design the path ahead        - For you        - For your team        - For your organisation
Workshop Programme

The Long Distance

A 2-day  Workshop for
People Managers
Bringing new people into a remote operational structure
  • Interviewing
  • Induction and on-boarding
  • Integrating into existing team
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