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Building & Maintaining your Remotely-based
Work Environment and Teams

A 1-day RemotelyAnywhere Seminar for Business Leaders,
Owners and Executive Personnel

Hosting this Seminar in-house (at your location, for YOUR personnel only) can be a viable option if you have 5 or more team members who
would benefit from attending the Seminar.

We work with you to identify:
  • A date that works for you
  • The location of your choice, anywhere in the country (you provide the venue)
  • Any specific topic changes, deletions or additions you want for your team (Customised programme)
  • The best possible pricing structure

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a quote.

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In-House Seminar
The seminar & training series to master the skills, attitudes, behaviours and strategies
for effectively leading and managing remotely-based people and operations.
RemotelyAnywhere is a training and service division of Binary Resource
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